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East Aurora High School in East Aurora, New York has a proud traditions of putting on musicals since 1972 as well as plays and other productions even before that time. We strive to have students at the center of our productions by guiding them in leadership positions on the stage, in the orchestra pit, backstage and on costume crew. Students promote the show on our production staff and, of course, take the stage. In addition, student instrumentalists make up all of pit for most shows. From student directors to student designers, we focus on giving high schoolers as much responsibility as possible. 

We are fortunate to have been recognized for choreography and technical aspects of the shows. Our graduates have gone on to jobs in theater, television and other areas of the entertainment industry.

East Aurora is lucky to have tremendous support for the arts whether for one of the oldest and most successful community theaters of the Aurora Players or hosting the national festival of bluegrass, Borderland. Our high school receives the same support from our community with sold-out performances. 

Most importantly, we're dedicated to providing young musicians, actors, dancers and backstage workers the most team-oriented experience possible. Musical theater is certainly about entertaining an audience, but it's also about making art, an endeavor that should be personal and meaningful for all involved. 

Recent and Upcoming Events

Congratulations to the cast, crew and orchestra of Shrek The Musical for three outstanding performances!

cast of EAHS' production of Shrek the Musical

Shrek The Musical 2022

cast of little shop of horrors EAHS

Little Shop of Horrors 2021

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Presenting the 2023 East Aurora Theatre Arts production...

curtains pic 1

The Colonial Theater. 1959. Boston, Mass. Lead actress Jessica Cranshaw takes her final bow, and we mean her "final" bow, as the musical Robbin' Hoods comes to a close. But Lieutenant Frank Cioffi is on the case. He sequesters the cast and crew to solve the murder, but also gives some dramatic tips to the dancers, directors and characters. After all, he was an amateur actor in the local playhouse. As they say, the show must go on, so with a new leading lady, the troupe works to put on a performance while Cioffi works to find the criminal. Maybe it's conceited director, Christopher Belling? Or the cynical, self-serving producer, Carmen Bernstein. Perhaps Niki Harris, the "innocent" ingenue did it. And what about Georgia Hendricks, the song-writer-turned actress, who conveniently replaced Jessica on stage? Each and every person is a suspect, and all drop clues for Cioffi.

Curtains is sure to please with comedy, mystery and everything that makes a musical, well... a musical: singing, dancing and exciting acting!

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Congratulations to the cast, crew and orchestra of Shrek The Musical for three outstanding performances!