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*Nominations for 2023 - 2024 are closed.

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Hall of Fame Nomination Procedures

Criteria For Membership As An Athlete

1. Recipient must be a graduate of EAHS.

2. Minimum of five years out of EAHS.

3. Distinguished himself/herself in interscholastic athletics/sportsmanship and citizenship at EAHS.

Criteria For Membership As A Contributor

1. Recipients must have worked for EAHS athletics for a minimum of five years.

2. Recipients must have made a significant contribution to the advancement of the interscholastic athletic program.

3. Recipients must have demonstrated extraordinary dedication to and support of the interscholastic athletic program.

Criteria For Nomination

1. Candidates must be nominated by community members or EAHS staff members. Self-nominations are permissible.

2. Nominations must include the candidate's resume/vita of his/her interscholastic athletic accomplishments or contributions to the interscholastic athletic program. An official nomination form must be filled out (google form link on the left side of this page).

3. Individuals nominating a candidate may request that their name remain anonymous. The selection committee will honor this request, but the nominator's name must appear on the written nomination. A person nominating individuals may have a maximum of 3 people considered in any one year.

Criteria For Selection

1. A committee, composed of the HS principal, the athletic director and a maximum of five community members will select nominated candidates for the Hall of Fame.

2. The community members will be endorsed by the Athletic Advisory Committee and appointed on an annual basis. A person nominating another or being nominated is ineligible to serve on the selection committee.

3. The committee will be chaired by the athletic director and select a maximum of three candidates per year. Only one contributor candidate may be selected annually.