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parenting in the digital age

Parenting in the Digital Age

addressing challenging behavior and improving emotional functioning

Addressing Challenging Behavior and Improving Emotional Functioning

This webinar, present by Dr. David Meichenbaum (Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Director Behavioral Pediatrics, Clinic, Director of Community Consulting & Clinical Services) is designed for parents/caregivers with children experiencing challenging behaviors. Learn practical evidenced based strategies to help decrease behavioral problems and increase adaptive behavioral/emotional functioning. Attendees will also be able to reflect on their current responses to challenging behavior and learn to incorporate practical skills to prevent future difficulties.

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Talk Saves Lives Flyer

A Brief Introduction To Suicide Prevention

May 9 / 6:30pm

Suicide can be prevented. This presentation covers what we know about this leading cause of death, the most up -to-date research on prevention, and what we can all do to fight suicide.

parenting info session flyer

Parenting Help

May 25 & June 22 11am-1pm

Discussing topics like dealing with disobedience, managing fighting and aggression, developing good bedtime routines and tips for shopping with children.

teen years info night flyer

Teenage Challenges

May 16 & June 13 6pm-8pm

Discussing topics like getting teens to cooperate, teen emotions, building teen survival skills and reducing family conflict.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion book

Talking Honestly About DEI & B

April 17, 2023

Providing strategies for building inclusive environments while fostering open and honest dialog. Through the use of select audio/visual components, participants will learn some key terminology and processes as it pertains to the field of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging.

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cmall childs hand with blue paint on it

Understanding Developmentally Appropriate Behaviors

March 6, 2023

Parent Network of WNY will discuss how behavior in children is a type of communication, no matter the age. They will review behaviors by developmental age (ages 3-18), factors that influence behaviors and how parents can support healthy behavioral development in their children. They also touch on communication with your child, their physical health and development, as well as their social and emotional development and behaviors specific to teens/young adults.

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child sitting in a chair looking out the window

Mental Health And You Child: Simple Steps To Help Manage It All

February 7, 2023

A session to help parents learn about such topics as trauma responses, warning signs to look for, anxiety, developing a wellness plan, tips for developing better relationships, and resilience. There is also information regarding local resources an the JustTellOne program.

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rainbow on pavement

Promoting a Positive Environment For All

January 12, 2023

A conversation on how to best support our LGBTQ+ students. Staff members from GLYS facilitate an open dialog discussion on the best ways to support and affirm students of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions, both in school and at home.

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hand full of pills

Current Trends In Substance Abuse

November 14, 2022

Discussing treatments providers are seeing, street names/terms used to describe substances, the increase in treatment needs for adolescents, early intervention resources, and other areas to educate parents and family members of loved ones who may be struggling with mental health or substance abuse disorders.

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girl holding a paper with a happy face drawn on

Mental Well Being And Stress Management

October 3, 2022

Learn the signs, symptoms and treatment of anxiety and depression, how to have conversations with children or loved ones, teleservices and ways to provide additional support, and hear a brief overview of wellness activities and suggestions on how to work through stressors along with several levels of treatment options and resources available.

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