The Art Department

Welcome to the East Aurora Art Department


The East Aurora Art Department believes art is conscious, human expression in visual form. It has been, is and always will be the means by which each culture records, expresses and interprets the world around it. Art is a visual form of communication essential to the understanding of and participation in our increasingly creative approach to life is a significant and valued human endeavor.
    Parallel to East Aurora’s philosophy, we submit that art addresses the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual needs of our students. It promotes self-awareness, self-expression, and well being. It presents opportunities to develop the higher levels of thought. It offers unique, creative experiences, which help build self-esteem. It fosters the recognition and the appreciation of differences among individuals and among cultures.
    Art encourages inquiry, discovery, and wonder. As it reflects and transmits its time and culture, art is a vital key to understanding the past and to realizing the future. Art education promotes joy and value of the aesthetic experience and aesthetic expression while educating the whole child, emotionally and intellectually, through a variety of learning styles.


The East Aurora Art Department is committed to providing a meaningful art education for all students. Students will experience a wide variety of visual art activities in a climate which encourages and nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and individuality of expression. By guiding students in the development of their artistic skills, knowledge, creativity, and values, we will enable them to realize their artistic potential and to make informed aesthetic judgements as they become contributing members of society. We aim to foster an attitude of respect for individual differences and cultural diversities and to develop a lifelong appreciation and understanding of art.