2021-2022 School Year

Push-In Education:

The ELA and Social Studies teachers and I will be working together in close collaboration while I "push-in" to their classrooms in order to assist the AIS students directly with their educational needs. The focus is to ensure students are receiving full access to the general education curriculum while limiting any disruption to their daily schedule (such as pulling students out of a classroom). This also includes the implementation of specially designed modifications within the classroom setting.

The point of this kind of push-in teaching is to ensure that struggling students are fully participating in and benefit from the regular classroom teaching. I will essentially “shadow” certain students providing them with assistance as necessary (e.g., keeping them attentive, adding explanation when needed, closely monitoring student seatwork, etc.).

Additionally, the role of the push-in teacher is that of parallel teaching. I will work with a small group of students in their classroom, providing them with alternative instruction

This means: 

  • Students miss less instructional time because they’re not spending as much time moving between classrooms.
  • There’s less disruption to a student’s daily schedule.
  • There’s more direct interaction between all of a student’s providers.
  • Students get to learn and practice skills in the general education classroom, which keeps them in the least restrictive environment.


Class Expectations:


  • Follow the classroom teacher's rules/policies
  • Students should arrive on time every day to class
  • Come prepared with all materials
  • Language must be school appropriate
  • Ask questions and seek help when needed