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2020-12-23 | KNOWN ISSUE: Google Classroom Ownership

We have been working with our data interoperability service provider for a couple weeks on an issue that is impacting a small number of Google Classrooms where the ownership has been unintentionally changed to one of the co-teachers.  Please be aware that Google Classroom ownership merely controls:

  1. the owner of the classroom files in Google Drive but co-teachers still have the same Edit access to these files they always had.
  2. the teacher name and profile picture that is displayed in Google Classroom and while this may be inconvienent or simply not preferred, this does not negatively impact the overall functionality of the Google Classroom.
  3. the ability to delete the Google Classroom permanantly.  If you need to delete your Google Classroom, please let us know and we can help you.

Please do not create support tickets or regularly email requesting updates concerning this incident.  Each of these responses take us away from this specific incident as well as the many other simultaneous support responsibilities we have to every student, teacher and staff memeber in the entire district.  We are working on this issue with the developer and we will fix it as soon as it is possible.

Google Classroom still remains functional in these small number of cases where this change of ownership has occurred.  We will update this message when we have more information to share.  We understand this is not preferred or optimal and we appreciate your patience and understanding.