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2020-12-10 | ChromeOS Version 87 Rolling Out to Chromebooks Now!

ChromeOS version 87 is rolling out to your Chromebook now!  When your Chromebook updates you will receive an orange notification in the lower right.  If you missed it you can check by clicking the time.  Please the "Restart to update" option in the notification or simply turn your Chromebook off and then on again to restart into the updated version of ChromeOS.

If you do not restart, you could experience issues like the keyboard and trackpad becoming unresponsive.  If you ever experience issues with your school issued technology, please visit the Troubleshooting Technology Issues section of the Student Guide to Distance Learning for more assistance.  If you cannot, please reach out to one of your teachers so they can create a support ticket on your behalf.

If you have not received this update yet and would like to manually update your Chromebook, please see the link below for more information on how to check for updates.