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2020-12-04 | Breakout Rooms Tips & Troubleshooting

  • The first user to join the Meet becomes the moderator.  We do not allow students to join a Meet until a teacher opens the Meet, so this is the first non-student who joins the Meet for us.

    Ex:  If a co-teacher joins the Meet too early and leaves because no one is there yet, they just became the moderator.  Then the primary teacher joins and see’s no one there and thinks they’re the first to join….but they’re not.  Then the co-teacher joins again and no one knows why the co-teacher became the moderator.

  • It is highly recommended to set expectations between the primary and co-teachers.  Agree that the primary teacher will always join 4 minutes before the start of the class (you can mute your mic and camera until you’re ready to begin class) and that co-teachers shouldn’t join the Meet until the exact start of class to ensure the primary will always be the first teacher to join consistently.

  • If you run into problems, you’ll need to reset the Meet Link in Google Classroom to generate a new room so that you can start over.

    Reset a Meet link

    If you have issues with the link, you can reset it and get a new one. After you reset the link, the old link won't work.

    1. Go to
    2. Click the classand thenSettings ""
    3. Next to the Meet link, click the Down arrow ""and thenReset.
      Click the Down arrow

  • You MUST be signed in with your school issued account to use breakout rooms.  If you are using a personal device, this could be difficult to manage if you are also signed in with other Google Accounts.

  • Report any and all issues, questions and concerns by creating a support ticket [].  DO NOT contact individual technicians without already creating a support ticket.  We need all requests communicated through support tickets to ensure the first available technician can help you.  Don’t let your email request for support atrophy and stagnate in any one person’s inbox.

  • Review the expanded on Google Meet, Breakout Rooms and Google Classroom in the resources below for more information:

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