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2020-11-30 | Before you go: Download Your Data

User accounts in the East Aurora Union Free School District are created, maintained and disabled automatically according to employment information from our financial management system and student enrollment information from our student information system.  When a user enrollment in our system reflects that they no longer attend school or work in the school district, the automated process disables that user's computer and Google accounts.  This process can happen as soon as your enrollment or employment status changes.  If you do not want to risk losing access to your data after you leave East Aurora Schools, it is important that you properly download a copy of all of your data prior to leaving the school district.  Please review this documentation below to ensure that you have properly backed up all of your data before you leave the East Aurora Union Free School District.

Download your files


  1. Go to
    • Click a file to select it.
    • To select multiple files, hold Ctrl or Command (on macOS) > click any other files.
    • To select all files in a given folder, hold Ctrl + press A or hold Command + press A (on macOS)
  2. Right-click the selected files > click Download.

Tip: You can't drag a file or folder directly to your desktop from


Attention Seniors

When you graduate, your @EAK12org account will be disabled and you will no longer have access to your email or files.  This may happen as early as when you graduate.  Prior to graduation, please use Google Takeout to download your email and files.  If you need to continue email communication or access 3rd party systems or services registered to an email address, please do so with a personal email address.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Access to exam (AP Exam, SAT, ACT, etc.) or other test results that may occur or continue after graduation
  • College or university communication that may continue after graduation
  • Work, volunteer, military or other government communication that may continue after graduation
  • Scholarship, grant or financial aid communication that may occur or continue after graduation