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2020-11-18 | Concerning Viewing Students Cameras on Google Meet...

  1. Please be aware that Google will automatically prioritize bandwidth during a Google Meet.  This includes reducing the quality of incoming attendee video streams and reducing the number of attendees video streams shown at any one time.  This can be managed as low as only showing the attendee’s profile picture if their bandwidth suffers enough.  You may want to interpret this as the student voluntarily turning off their camera and you could be very wrong.  It is not reliable to gage attendance based on an active camera.  Active participation is the only true metric.

  2. Please be aware that if you are presenting your screen, you cannot view your students.  This situation is not made better with a second monitor or by joining the Meet on a second device.
    • Each classroom already has a SMART Board and projector that is a second monitor.  You can control your monitor modes by following the support article titled Projector Modes in Windows 10 [].
    • When you present your screen, you’re telling Meet to show the presented screen to the attendees who see a reduced list of attendees as well.
    • The IT Department does not provide or support additional monitors and cannot support personal devices of any kind.  Thank you for your understanding.

  3. Please continue to refer to for information and direct Parents & Guardians to and your students to with any questions or concerns.