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2020-10-28 | (Google) Meet with students - Are you doing it wrong?

Animated image of adding Google Meet to Google Classroom


When you create a Meet link in your class, a unique video meeting link is created for the students in that specific Google Classroom and is placed at the top of the Stream and Classwork tabs for consistent and easy access. Students can use the link to join your class video meetings.  You will use and reuse this Google Classroom Meet again and again.

Only you or your co-teachers in Google Classroom can create, show, hide, or reset the meeting link for your class. Only you or your co-teachers can start a class video meeting in Classroom and the students cannot rejoin after the last attendee has left the Google Meet (please make sure you arrive early and that you are always the last one to leave the Meet).

Think of this Google Classroom Meet as a physical room.  When you normally meet with students in your school buildings you would communicate this expectation as a date/time and place.  Do the same thing here and keep it simple.  “We’re meeting on Friday at 2 PM in the Meet at the top of Mr. Hirschfelt’s 2nd period Google Classroom.”  There is no formal or technical process to invite students to this Meet and you will use and reuse this same Google Classroom Meet, again and again.  They always have access to it through Google Classroom as long as you don’t hide it.

Please share with your students and with parents and guardians for more help and support.

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