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Celebrating Educational Excellence

13 East Aurora Educators and staff have been recognized for their 20+ years of service to the District and were celebrated on Opening Day. Superintendent Brian Russ introduced them all.

Dan Brunson - 50 Years

Congratulations to Board of Education member Dan Brunson for 50 years of service. Dan served as a teacher, administrator and Board Member for the district.

David Schmidt - 35 years

Celebrating 35 years is David Schmidt (HS Technology).

25 Year Honorees

Celebrating 25 years are (left to right): David Wallhauser (MS Art), and Mollie McLaughlin (Parkdale Physical Education), and Kelly Hopcia (7th Grade Science.) Camera shy: Barbara Moorman.

 20 Year Honorees

Celebrating 20 years are (left to right): Dan Leach (Grounds Crew Chief), Christina Koester Welsby (Parkdale Reading), Kevin Kot (MS Business), Julie Rizzo (MS Spanish), Sharon Zakroczemski (MS School Science), and Kristen Heckman (Athletic Office Clerk.)