• East Aurora Educational Foundation

    The East Aurora Educational Foundation is a 501c3 not for profit organization that exists through the generosity of donors, with a mission to enhance students’ educational experiences by funding grants for programs within the East Aurora School District.  Since January 2009, the Foundation has awarded  $33,278.94 in grants for projects in the East Aurora schools.  For additional in information, or to donate online, please visit the Foundation website link above.

    Ms. Haight's EAHS physical education classes completed the curriculum's fitness unit in February. An important part of the unit includes learning about heart rates through the use of Polar heart rate monitors, obtained with a grant from the East Aurora Educational Foundation.

    At the beginning of the unit, students learned to determine their Target Heart Rate Zone (THRZ) and use the monitors to benefit their body and health by improving fitness and burning calories.

    To begin, students wore the monitors for three days while doing cardiovascular circuit training. They were encouraged to look at the monitors as they moved from station to station to see how fast their heart was pumping. The students were then told to think about how their body felt. Were they feeling warmer? Could they carry on a conversation? Were their chests getting tight?

    chk"I know that many students will not purchase a heart rate monitor, so it is important that they know how their body feels when they are working in their target heart rate zone," said Ms. Haight. The students also wore the monitors during weight training, Pilates and Yoga. They then compared and contrasted their average heart rate, the time spent within, above or below the THRZ.

    The students will continue to wear the monitors once or twice each activity unit to compare how different activities affect their heart rates.