• GLA Year 1: Leadership Skills for Global Relations 

    Units of Credit .5         Duration: 20 weeks (every other day)            Grade Level: 9

    Prerequisite: Acceptance to GLA


    This course prepares students to obtain the skills needed to become leaders in professional roles having a global dimension. The class will develop the skills needed to lead efforts for social change on a local and global scale through hands on learning activities. Each quarter, students will examine global issues in one of the following themes: Promote Sustainable Development, Protect Human Rights, Uphold International Law, and Maintain Peace and Security.  Students will be presented with real-world scenarios in each of these thematic areas. They will consider the nature of the problem and determine pathways for addressing and perhaps overcoming that challenge. 


    GLA Year 2: Leadership Development for Global Advancement

    Units of Credit: .5        Duration: 20 weeks (every other day)            Grade Level: 10

    Prerequisite: Global Leadership Academy Year 1


    Year two of the program will continue to develop the leadership and problem solving skills introduced in year one of the program. The class is designed to help students understand the specific knowledge and skills necessary to address challenges that may arise in today’s complex global business environment. Students’ work will continue to foster each of the five pillars of leadership: Vision and Goal Setting, Persuasive Communication, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Team Building and Group Dynamics, and Community Service. As in year one, students will be given case studies and real word scenarios designed to foster the practical skills needed for leadership positions in global companies. Most project work is done in team settings that mirror contemporary not-for-profit, non-governmental organizational practices and business structures.