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    Mark Mambretti
    Middle School

    EAMS Teacher's Summer Institute

    While the Middle School students have begun their summer recess, the learning continued at 430 Main Street this year. Using this summer as a time to reflect on their teaching, retool with new knowledge and strategies, and prepare for the upcoming school year, thirteen teachers from the Middle School took time over two weeks to attend the “EAMS Teacher's Summer Institute.” This program was specifically designed for EAMS and provided knowledge, strategies and tools to enrich teacher's knowledge of middle school learners and inform them of best teaching practices.

    Specialists from BOCES joined our faculty over the four days to cover topics including developing student assessments that inform instruction, learning to teach to multiple learning styles in a single classroom and building literacy among Middle School students with specific strategies on teaching vocabulary. There was plenty of time for sharing ideas and building lessons that incorporated their learning.

    The results of this targeted staff development will make itself known both in the classrooms and as these teachers take what they learn and share it at faculty meetings with their peers. Initiatives like this are yet another sign that EAMS is a professional learning community which is committed to teacher growth with the ultimate goal being an increase in student learning!