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    Assistant Superintendent
    Dr. Brad Gibson
    The beginning of the school year is a natural time of optimism and fresh start, when teachers and students begin with a “clean slate.” A successful start to the 2010-2011 school year cannot occur without preparation over the summer. This article will share with you the exciting work accomplished by our teachers since June.

    Being one of the top school districts in Western New York does not come from resting over the summer. The summer affords our teachers the opportunity to analyze their curriculum and make necessary adjustments to assure our students continued success.

    Listed below are highlights of the terrific curriculum work completed by our teachers.

    • K-4 teachers updated and modified the Early Literacy Profile (ELP). Another team of K-4 teachers devoted time and study to rewriting course objectives to align with the Social Studies program adopted last year.
    • The Middle School science teachers redesigned their 5-8 curriculum and examined textbooks that go along with this new design. Middle School math teachers devoted their summer curriculum time to the examination of state assessment results. From this study the teachers made adjustments to their curriculum maps.
    • At the High School, our teachers completed a rewrite of the algebra and pre-calculus curriculum. These modifications were a result of mandates issued from NYS Education Department. Other High School teachers worked on the development of an integrated curriculum for the new Math/Science/Technology courses. The High School Foreign Language department began the complete review of their program in addition to the development of a curriculum to offer Japanese in the fall.
    Each year a specific curriculum area is selected for a major review. This past year Art, Music, and Physical Education were reviewed. For the 2010-2011 school years, English/Language Arts, Business and Languages Other Than English (LOTE) are scheduled for a complete study that culminates with presentation to the East Aurora Board of Education in the spring.

    Teaching is a complex and challenging work. Our teachers need in-depth knowledge of the subject areas they teach, how students learn that content and an understanding of classroom environments that optimize learning. We applaud their efforts, energy and dedication toward achieving this goal.