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    badgeThe Rotary Club of East Aurora has recently funded the purchased a "Cut-A-Circle" machine, valued at approximately $160.00, as a gift to the EAHS Life Skills Program.
    The machine is used to cut out the artwork which is used in the button production process. The "button-making operation" is an important aspect of the work experience component of the Life Skills program here in the high school. It continues to help our students with disabilities develop valuable pre-vocational skills.
    In 2008, the Rotary Club of East Aurora purchased the Badge-A-Minit button making machine and related supplies for use by Mr. D'Avanzato's students. With the addition of this latest gift, he estimates the Rotarian's total donations to be approximately $800.00 (in button making equipment and supplies).
    The most recent button endeavor by the class has provided 660 "Green Team" buttons for the America Recycles program at Parkdale Elementary.  Mr. D'Avanzato estimates that his students have made over 8800 buttons since the program began. 
    "The East Aurora Rotarians have visited our class, spent time with our students, and for all practical purposes have partnered with our EAHS Life Skills Program in this endeavor, said Mr. D'Avanzato. "The generosity of the Rotary Club of East Aurora toward our Life Skills students has had a visible and lasting effect."

    In October, Miss Jenner's Parkdale class worked on a special math skills project.  Students were given a mini Bills jersey to decorate numerically with his/her favorite Bills player's number. Students were asked to show five different ways to illustrate that number on their jerseys. For example: If 21 was the player's number, students illustrated various ways to make 21. Examples could include: (7x2)+7=21 or 10+10+1=21.
    Miss Jenner noted that the students loved it, "They didn't even know they were doing math that day!"

    Members of the EAHS Class of 2011 raised funds for a concession stand as a gift to the school, and installed it early enough in the school year that they could enjoy use of it as well.  It officially opened on September 17 for use at the second football game of the season, and many other groups have used it throughout the fall.
    The stand was purchased from Dura-Shed, and was placed on a cement pad at the stadium.  It will soon have electricity and other refinements, and members of the class (right) painted the new stand in school colors.  
    Ms. Cathy Haight is the class advisor. 

    EAHS physical education instructor Christina Schutrum reports on "FitnessGram," a test that evaluates each student’s fitness level.  Students are assessed in these areas of health-related fitness: cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Scores are evaluated against objective criterion-based standards, called Healthy Fitness Zones, that indicate the level of fitness necessary for health.
    Fitness tests included a one-mile run, sit-ups, trunk lift, shoulder stretch, push-ups, curl-ups and a Body Mass Index calculation.
    Student results are based upon a national fitness standard called a Healthy Fitness Zone developed by the Cooper Institute to provide an easy way for physical education teachers to report to parents on children's fitness levels.  The Cooper Institute was established in 1970 by Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D., the “Father of Aerobics,” and publisher of best seller, Aerobics, in 1968.
    Photo/C. Schutrum

    nsThrough the East Aurora American Legion, it came to the attention of students at East Aurora Middle School that there was a lack of variety in English reading material for children on a U.S. army base, in Schweinfurt, Germany.
    Springing to action, Middle School librarian Kim Kruse's fifth and sixth grade students collected over 170 favorite books, and with personal notes included, will send the shipment this week to a mother at the base who will distribute the books among the children there, including her own children, ages 11, 8 and 1.
    Jennifer Ouellette helped Mrs. Kruse to coordinate the effort. Said Mrs. Oullette, “The students at E.A. Middle School have gone above and beyond my expectations. They showed wonderful support to a family they don't even know. This is the type of thing our society should be proud about. Our children have really stepped up.”

    Several East Aurora Teachers battled the element Sunday, October 3rd to participate in the "Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk" in Niagara Square.  The group raised more than $1300 for the event.  photos/Alathia Yuhnke