• Canada: Our Neighbor to the North
    Test your geography

    canada map

    You and your partner have been hired by the Government of Canada to create a new and interesting presentation about a specific province or territory in Canada.

    Your challenge is to work cooperatively with your partner to:


    • create a three to four minute powerpoint presentation (at least 6 slides) on your computer demonstrating your technology skills.
    • Use the links on the BOOST website  for research.
    • Spend about 5-7 minutes developing each slide.
    • Use the  "slide guide" on your clipboard to keep you organized and on task.
    • Insert the information and images on each slide 
    • Participate in the "Canadian Carousel" activity on Day 4
    Canada Presentation Template

    Get the Facts Map and information
    Trail Canada
    KidZone Canada
    Canadian animals
    Animals in Canada

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