• Make no bones about it! 

    Some animals can fly, some can hang by their tails, and some can peel bananas. 
    If you mix up the bones, who knows what an animal could do!

    Students were asked to prepare a picture of the skeletal system of an imaginary animal that can perform the following feats:

    1. Hop.
    2. Fly for short distances.
    3. Hang by its tail.
    4. Look over its shoulder.
    5. Peel a banana.
    6. Climb a tree
    7. Stand erect.
    8. Eat raw chickens.

    Take a look at some of their creations!
    Some students chose to write about their creature, others decided to record their thoughts.

    Creature 1


    My animal can hop because it has legs and knees.  He can fly for a short distance because he has wings. My animal can hang by its tail because his tail can curl. He can look over his shoulder because his head is able to turn from side to side. He can peel a banana because he has opposable thumbs. He can climb a tree by using his sharp fingernails and toenails. My animal can stand erect because he has a spine. He can eat raw chickens because he has a wide enough jaw and a great digestive system.


    Creature 3


    Creature 4


    My monster’s main shape is a triangle. It has 3 eyes. It has 2 legs to hop and run. He has fangs for eating raw chicken. My animal has a strong tail for hanging on tree branches. It uses its feet to peel bananas. Its eyes can go in a 360 degree angle so it can look around. It’s name is Bobert.


    My animal has joints in its legs so it can hop. It also has wings so it can fly.  It has a very muscular tail so it can hang by its tail. It can turn its head around like an owl. It has opposable thumbs so it can eat and peel bananas. It has a special digestive system that dissolves bones. He can even stand erect and climb trees. His name is Robert.


    My animal has about the same bone setup as a human. The only difference is that the animal has wings, a tail, and it can eat raw chicken. Like a human, it can hop, but this animal can hop much higher and longer. This animal can also fly for a long or a short time. Like a monkey, it can hang on its tail. It can look over its shoulder like other animals can too.



    My creature would be better than any animal in the world because his propeller allows him to fly up to trees or use his spring legs to jump up to trees. Then he could use his extra stretchy tail to swing from tree to tree to tree to catch a monkey and take his banana and peel it with its claws. He can use his suction cup hands to climb up and catch a squirrel and if something is trying to kill it.  Then it can use its head that can turn around and use its legs and push it away. When it catches the squirrel it will use its claws to devour the nut. It also uses its propeller to fly to a chicken coop, and raw chicken is its favorite. That is why this creature is not a pet.



    My creature can eat raw chickens and peel bananas with his fork and knife hands. He can jump with his springs under his spine. He can climb with his grips on his two tails. His two stubby wings allow him to fly short distances.


    Skelectula Creature

    My creature can hop with his two spring legs, fly short distances with his long, skinny legs, and hang by its tail on its chin. It can also look over his shoulder with his cartilage neck and peel bananas with an automatic banana peeler sticking out of his shoulder. He can climb a tree easily wrapping his wings around it, stand erect with his two other legs with Nike shoes and eat raw chickens with his fork hand and his fangs.


    Creature 11



    My creature uses his 2 claws to peel bananas and dig burrows. He uses his dual capes to fly up to 10 meters. It uses the springs in his legs to jump up to ten feet in the air. He uses his claws to eat his favorite meal, chicken! He has a zipper on his front open up so he can drop a special ball that if touched will turn you into a zombie! He climbs trees with the claws on his arms and feet. Then he hangs by his tail.


    My creature can do many different things. On the top of one of my creature’s wings is a banana peeler. My creature has big buck teeth to eat raw chicken. Also on the sides of my creature’s body are wings, so that my creature can fly short distances. Also on my creature’s plump body is arms and legs to climb a tree. My creature has a whirly wire that lets him turn his head. My creature also has a tail that allows him to hang from a tree. Hanging off the middle of the body is a spring that allows him to hop. My creature can go many different things.


    My creature can do a lot of different things. He can use his legs to hop because they have a lot of joints in them. He also uses his legs to help him climb up trees. His skin around his legs can help him stand up straight. His wings help to fly short distances. He can hang by his tail because it is shaped like the letter Y and it has claws on the end of it. He can look over his shoulder because he has eyes on the sides of his neck that face backwards. He can peel a banana because of the claws on his hands. He can eat raw chicken because of its teeth.


    The Scelabird

    My creature can hop short distances with its reverse jointed legs. It can hang by its tail because the backbone extends past the legs. It can look over its shoulder. It can fly short and long distances by using its wings and it can also peel a banana with its hands. It can climb a tree and stand erect using its legs. It can also use its forked tail and fingers to eat a raw chicken. My creature can do many fascinating things.
Last Modified on December 3, 2009