• Make no bones about it! 

    Some animals can fly, some can hang by their tails, and some can peel bananas. 
    If you mix up the bones, who knows what an animal could do!

    Students were asked to prepare a picture of the skeletal system of an imaginary animal that can perform the following feats:

    1. Hop.
    2. Fly for short distances.
    3. Hang by its tail.
    4. Look over its shoulder.
    5. Peel a banana.
    6. Climb a tree
    7. Stand erect.
    8. Eat raw chickens.

    Take a look at some of their creations!



    My animal is named Chomper. He can fly about 30 miles per hour but can only go a short distance, hop, hang by it's tail and lots more. He's awesome!



    My owl bunny can hang by its tail, fly short distances, hop, look over its shoulder, climb a tree, stand erect, and eat raw chicken. It can hop by its powerful legs. It can fly by its rainbow colored wings. It can hang by its tail by climbing up a tree and rap its tail around the tree branch and fall. It has an owl head so it can look over its shoulder. It can peel a banana by using its claws. It can climb a tree with its suction cups. It can stand erect with its hind legs. And it eats raw chicken with its fangs. It eats raw chicken because it does not starve to death.

    The End
    By Emily


    My animal can hop, fly, hang by its tail, look over its shoulder, peel a banana, climb a tree, stand up, and eat raw chickens. It also has an unknown skeletal system. My animal eats raw chickens because he has fangs. He is half owl and frog, has a monkey's tail, a sharp pair of claws and fingers. He can fly up to 99 miles per  hour. His name is Fangs!                                                                                  

    by Fiona


    My animal ,a canapasfly, can hop, fly, hang by its tail, look behind him, peel a banana, climb a tree,  stand erect, and eat raw chickens . I, Jack,  have created my very own canapasfly. His favorite chicken is honey roasted.



    My HiperZiper can do anything...fly, jump, hop, eat raw chickens, stand, hang, climb and peel a banana.  When he flies, he falls. He flies for 10 seconds and then he falls. He shoves raw chickens in his mouth. He runs 1 mile per hour. He hops very slow. He peels bananas fast.


    My monster has good hopping feet to hop, but he doesn't have very good flying skills. He has a very long tail. He has a neck like an owl so he can look over his shoulder. He can peel a banana with his toes and climb with his fingers. The only way he can stand straight is looking straight. He eats raw chickens.



    My banana monster can hop with his long legs.  He flies for short distances using his small wings.  His small tail gives him the ability to hang from things.  He uses the ball and socket joint in his neck to look over his shoulder.  He peels bananas with his long toes.  He climbs trees using his long toes and his short little toes.  He stands erect on his long legs. My banana monster eats raw chickens using his big teeth. 

     By: Madeline


    My animal can hop with his long feet. He can fly with his wing. He looks over his shoulder with his owl head. He hangs on a tree with his long tail. He peels a banana with his fangs. He can climb a tree with his claws. He eats raw chicken with his fangs. He stands erect with his feet.

    By Morgan


    It can hop by it's z-shaped legs. It can fly by it's v-shaped wings. It can by hang by it's curly shaped tale. It can look over it's shoulder by it's neck. It can peel a banana by it's hand.  It can climb a tree by feet. It can stand erect by legs. It can eat raw chickens by it's mouth.  I, Seamus, created a potato.  



    My animal can hop, fly for short distances, hang by its tail, look over its shoulder, peel a banana, climb a tree, stand erect, and eat raw chickens.  I know I am not good at drawing bones. My animal's name is Max. He can hop with his frog legs. My favorite thing he can do is hang by its tail!



    1 Hop. My animal, called the Ogawu, is able to hop because Ogawus are born with “rubber band legs.”
    2 Fly. My animal, the Ogawu, is able to fly because they have VERY large wings.
    3 Hang by tail. The Ogawu is able to hang by its tail because they have steel tails.
    4 Look over shoulder. The Ogawu can look over its shoulder because they have screw-heads.
    5 Peel banana.  The Ogawu can peel a banana because it has three little pointy fingers that can break the peel.
    6 Climb Tree.  My animal can climb a tree because its legs are very strong.
    7 Stand erect.  My animal can stand erect because its rib cage is totally straight.
    8 Eat raw chickens.  My animal can eat raw chickens because it has pointy teeth.



    My animal has separated body parts. Two of the legs are the hopping legs. My animal has wings like a butterfly, but it can not fly long distances. In between the hopping legs is my hanging tail. It swings up high. My animal does not have any shoulders so he can turn his head. My animal has one banana peeling hand so he can eat. My animal also has two climbing tree legs.  He can climb over sixty trees a day.  My animal has ribs so he can stand up tall.  My animal has one eating mouth that has sharp teeth so he can munch on meat.  My animal's name is Larry.



    It can eject small wings out of his legs. It can peel a banana with its spare hand. It can eject hidden claws out of its feet. It can also eat raw chickens. It can wrap its tail around a tree branch. It can also turn its head 360 degrees. It can jump 20 feet in the air. It can climb a 600 foot tall tree. It is 4 feet tall on its hind legs.

    By Joshua


    My animal, the Muffin, is not a predator.  It only kills when it has to for survival. Muffin can fly to escape enemies. My animal has a diet of only bananas but it can eat raw chickens if it has to.  My animal jumps over predators. 



    My creature is called Funky Man. He can hang by its tail by wrapping it around a branch. He peels bananas by clamping his fingers together because he has razor blades on the inside of his fingers. He hops by jumping like a human. It has really strong teeth. It flies by its wings.

    By: Matt


    1. Hop : It has a long slinky to jump really high.
    2. Fly : It has huge wings that can go side - to – side and up and down really fast.
    3. Hang by it's tail : It can hang by it's tail because it has a reeeeeaaaallllyyyy strong and long tail.
    4. Look over shoulder: It can look over it's shoulder with a secret half circle that comes out of his neck so his neck can move inside his half circle .
    5. Peel banana : It has 10 fingers so it can open bananas quickly.
    6. Climb a tree: It can climb a tree because of his long arms.
    7. Stand erect: He can do this because of his long legs.
    8. Eat raw chickens: It can eat raw chickens because of his long teeth.

    By: Mitchell


    My creature is called a zwartoe. My zwartoe has sharp and unsharp fingers. The sharp fingers can help climb trees and peel bananas, but the unsharp fingers have a button on them so you can just press the button and the point will come out. The zwartoe's tail can help it hang by its tail. My zwartoe can look over its shoulder because its head is like a screw. Its powerful wings help it fly short and long distances. It's bunny like feet help it hop very high. Its wings are sticky so it can help it eat raw chicken. It can stand tall.

    By:  Olivia


    My animal can fly short distances because it has butterfly wings. He can hop because he has bunny feet. He can hang by his tail. He can turn his head because he has an owl head. He can peel a banana with his sharp claws. He can also climb trees with his claws. He can stand erect on two legs. And he can eat a raw chicken with his sharp claws.

    By Tommy 
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