Speech & Language at Parkdale Elementary

                Welcome to Speech & Language at Parkdale Elementary! 

    Speech-Language Pathologists at Parkdale:

    Mrs. Bilson

    Amy Bilson, MA CCC/L-SLP/TSHH
    Mrs. Sonner
    Stacey Sonner, MA/CCC L-SLP

    Mrs. Landahl
    Mary Landahl, MS Ed CF-SLP
    (Long Term Substitute SLP for Stacey Sonner)

    There are seven areas of speech-language skills that are considered when determining eligibility for therapy services. They include:

    1. Sound Awareness/Articulation (Speech Production)
    2. Expressive Language
    3. Receptive Language
    4. Fluency
    5. Voice
    6. Pragmatic Language/Social Skills
    7. Central Auditory Processing (a combination of some areas above)

    Students who are evaluated and determined to have deficits in any of these areas, and which negatively impact their educational performance, will be considered for an appropriate level of service. Levels of service include either Special Education Services (CSE) or Academic Intervention Services (AIS).

    For additional information on speech, language, hearing disorders and treatment, please click here for the American-Speech-Language-Hearing-Association's website.
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