• Mission Statement for the School Library Media Center

    The East Aurora School Librarians are dedicated to providing opportunities and learning environments so our students and staff can inquire, engage, collaborate, explore, include, and curate experiences and information to become lifelong learners and productive citizens.

    Reading is a foundational literacy skill and is at the heart of the library environment. Librarians are committed to providing equitable access to resources in all formats for students and staff to connect, wonder, investigate, construct, express, and reflect as they grow and develop their personal and professional selves.

    The Librarians are committed to providing future-ready experiences by providing collaborative spaces, building instructional partnerships, empowering students as creators, curating digital resources and tools, ensuring equitable digital access, investing strategically in digital resources, cultivating community partnerships, advocating for student privacy, and acting as collaborative leaders working with teachers and the District to cultivate understanding about the skills that comprise success in a digital age.


    We are committed to providing access to materials in all formats and promoting reading for enjoyment and knowledge.

    Based on principles and from the American Association of School Librarians, Empire State Information Fluency Continuum, and research on reading by Kelly Gallagher, Stephen Krashen, and Donalyn Miller.
    updated 11/2017.