We are going to have a great year together!


    Classroom Policies

    BE ON TIME! You are expected to be on time for class. Unexcused tardies are noted, and more than one results in an assigned activity period with the teacher. For each additional tardy, a discipline referral will be sent to the office.

    BE PREPARED! Come to class prepared to read, write, and discuss. You are expected to have all of your materials and assignments with you when you walk in the door. This also means having your own reading material so that you have something to do if you complete a classroom assignment early.

    BE READY TO LEARN! At this point in your career, you are quite familiar with proper classroom etiquette. You should, at all times, be on your best behavior: swearing, inappropriate comments, and general bad manners will not be tolerated by Ms. Moudgil or by your fellow students.

    Welcome back! This is going to be a memorable year for all of us! History has its eyes on us, definitely. You are embarking on an historical journey that your children will look back on as a pivotal year of change. How exciting! 


    Let’s do this together! I ask of you to have patience with me, with each other, and with yourself. As we navigate this process, it is important for all of us to be flexible and ready for a change. Most of all, we have to communicate. This course is based on how much you put into it; I know what I think, but I want to hear what you think, and you want to know what each other thinks. Communication and a willingness to explore each other’s ideas are what will make this work. 

    Required Materials

    • A charged Chromebook - EVERY DAY!
    • Headphones (preferably with a mic): As we will be using Google Meet within the classroom and at home, you will need to have a set of headphones in class everyday.
    • Notebook, pen, and highlighter (old school!): Although we will be entirely a paperless classroom this year, taking notes on paper rather than on the Chromebook is important for putting your information into long-term memory. Some lessons will require you to write your answers and take a picture to turn in to the Google Classroom Assignment dropbox.
    • All work will be turned in at the Google classroom. You will not turn in any work on paper. Please use Google Suite for assignments. Please do not share your documents with me. They will not be accepted for a grade. All work will be graded through the G-Classroom only.
    • A flexible outlook - let’s roll with it!

    Recommended Materials

    • Small Post-its or flags for textbook noting

    Our Virtual Classroom

    Our classes will be very special this year! Half of our class will be in the classroom at school and the other half of our class will be in your “classroom” at home. We will use our virtual classroom as a space where we can come together. Google Meet will be the primary application for connecting us, along with a few others like Google docs and those in the Smart Learning Suite.

    Google Meet

    Whether you are at home or in the classroom, you will be connecting to the class through Google Meet at the start of class. If we are all connected to Google Meet, we can all participate in discussions, hear the discussions, and ask questions regardless of location. In the classroom, you will need your headphones for this purpose.  Without the headphones, you will hear feedback through your computer’s speakers and you will not hear what the students at home are saying and asking.

    The Smartboard screen will always be shared with the Google Meet. If you are at home, you will see what the class is seeing at school, including any notes written on the board. 

    Daily Procedures (everyone):

    • At the start of class, open your Chromebook and the link for the Google Meet.
    • Join the class.

    AT HOME:

    • Plug in your headphones or earbuds.
    • Your video (camera) must be off, unless directed by the teacher.

    IN CLASS: 

    • Mute your sound; speakers MUST be off.
    • Your microphone must be set to mute. Turn your microphone on when you want to participate in a discussion or ask a question.


    • Begin with: This is [insert your name]. 
    • Once you have finished speaking, please silence your microphone again.

    Google Meet Chat Room Usage

     Your chats are on record with the district and can be used for disciplinary purposes. The chat function is to be used only as directed by the teacher and should never be used for student-to-student communication.

    Google Classroom: Stream

    • All information important for the class will be posted here.

    Google Classroom: Classwork and Class Readings

    • All readings and files for the class will be found under “Classwork.”.  The “Classwork” page will be organized by topic (i.e., units). 

    Google Classroom: Classwork and Assignments To Turn In

    • In the top-right corner, you will see a “Turn In” button.
    • You must turn in this copy to receive credit for the assignment. 
    • Work is due on time and will be turned in whether you are at home or school, at the Google Classroom.
    • Remember, the history of your document will be preserved and will demonstrate you have followed the procedures above.
    • Please do not share any documents with me. All grading will take place in the Google Classroom.

    Classroom Expectations: Face-to-Face Instruction

      • You must adhere to all school policies regarding safety and COVID-19. You  must always socially distance and have your mask on correctly, completely covering your mouth and nose.
      • You must sit in your assigned seat.
      • Once you are seated, open your Chromebook and join the Classroom Google Meet.
      • Open any files needed for that day’s instruction. 
      • Be respectful, kind, and polite at all times.
      • If you raise your mask to take a sip of water, this should only take seconds.
      • You may not eat food in the class at any time. Eating food will automatically result in a discipline referral. No warnings will be given for this.
      • Your Chromebook browser must only be open to the Tabs needed for class. No exceptions! As with food, failure to meet this expectation will result automatically in a discipline referral. Your device records your browser history - it is quite easy to see if you have been elsewhere on the web!
      • Be sure to not talk over others when sharing an idea or adding a question on the Google Meet. We will need to listen carefully for the appropriate time to say what we want to say. 
    • If you leave something in the classroom, it will be set aside for you to retrieve later. 

    Classroom Expectations: Livestream at Home

    • Locate a space in your home that can serve as a space conducive to learning. It should be as free from noise and other distractions as possible.
    • Be sure to locate yourself where you will still be able to obtain a strong wi-fi signal.
    • Ensure that your device is ready! It should be charged or plugged in.
    • I expect you to use headphones at home as this will help you to tune out outside noises that may distract you from what is going on in the classroom.
    • At the start of the class period, locate the Google Classroom Meet link and join the meeting. You should be ready to go when the class is ready. Recognize, though, that we may not have an exact start time each day. You might have a few minutes delay.
    • Be sure that your camera is off and your microphone is muted.
    • Attendance is taken through the Google Meet. If you do not join the Google Meet, you will be marked absent from the class.
    • When you have joined the class through the Google Meet link, your home is an extension of the classroom. The rules of school will now apply as long as you are in class, albeit virtually.
    • As stated above, much of the writing we do this year will be completed and turned in during class or by a specific due date and time. This is true even when you’re home. Work not turned in by the due date and time will not be accepted.
    • If you have technical problems or your power happens to go out - or some crazy monster eats your wi-fi box and  you are not able to join the class, email ASAP. 

    Wednesday Remote Learning

    On Wednesday, you must log on to the Google classroom to acquire this day’s learning activities. Your failure to log on and complete these activities results in an absence.


    Grading Policies and Assignments 

    All grades are calculated in a total points manner. 

    Quarterly average grades will be based on the following: participation, writing, vocabulary, reading and reading analysis.  Participation includes speaking during debate and discussion (question and answer), in class activities, quizzes, note-taking and homework. Activities, assignments, tests, etc. are worth a specific number of points and these points are averaged or accumulated to represent the overall quarterly grade.

    *Quarter 1=20%   Quarter 2=20%   Quarter 3=20%    Quarter 4=20% Regents or Final Exam/Project=20%

    *Subject to change


    1. Students are dismissed by teacher.
    2. Requests for hall pass time are for emergencies only; do not ask to leave after first 5 minutes or before last 5 minutes of class.


    1. Follow all East Aurora District Code of Conduct rules.


    You are responsible to find out what you missed. Use Google Classroom.

    • You are responsible for notifying me prior to a known absence such as a music lesson or field trip.
    • ALL work must be made up within a timely manner, according to the teacher.
    • See teacher during scheduled Google Meetings.
    • Work is due one day after the student returns.

    Late Work:

    Late work is not accepted, unless prior approval is given by teacher or circumstances warrant an extension. 


    Any plagiarized work receives a grade of zero (0%) with no opportunity to make up these points.

    Any work that demonstrates evidence of plagiarism, either unintentional or intentional, as deemed by the department, will result in: 1) a 0 on the assignment, and 2) a possible failing grade for the quarter. 

    Cell Phones:

    You may NOT have your phone out unless you have asked permission to do so for a particular reason or the teacher has instructed you to do so. Cell phones will be confiscated. 

    Just remember, while these procedures are important to the working of class,
    writing is  a way of communicating, of learning, and of sharing ideas, thoughts,
    fears, and beliefs. We are going to learn a lot about ourselves and about
    each other this year. 

    I am looking forward to it!