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    Any athlete participating for the first time in a j.v. or varsity sport will earn a numeral equal to the last two digits of their graduation year. In addition, a 9th grader who is participating on a 7-8-9 team as their first EA sport is also eligible for numerals. They will receive a certificate that they must take to the high school athletic office to receive their numerals.

    Athletes who are on a j.v. team, and have already earned a numeral,will receive a squad recognition certificate at the end of the season.Varsity team members, who do not earn a letter, will also receive a squad recognition certificate.

    Varsity coaches will inform athletes/families within the first three days of practice concerning requirements to earn a letter. Athletes on a varsity team will receive a chenille letter "A" the first time they "letter" in a sport. A pin will be awarded representing additional letters. If an athlete earns eight varsity letters, he/she will receive an "A" pin.
Last Modified on May 28, 2015