• Extracurricular Eligibility Rules


    Your son/daughter is a candidate for the privilege of participating in an extracurricular activity or sport. These activities are important components of our total educational program.  Successful participation in activities outside of the regular school day requires an extra measure of time, energy and commitment.

    Students must be able to meet the additional time and energy demands of sport participation. Students must evidence appropriate maturity in terms of being in control of themselves at all times. As role models, and as representatives of our school community, school club and/or sports participants have an extra level of responsibility. In order to participate in an after-school activity, a student must attend school for a minimum of five class periods.

    We urge parents and students to very seriously discuss the impact of the extra time and energy required to participate in extracurricular activities- and the very strict eligibility rules a student must follow to remain qualified for these activities.


    Philosophy and Purpose:

    The East Aurora Union Free School District recognizes that the misuse of tobacco, drugs and/or alcohol is a serious problem with legal, physical, emotional and social implications for the entire community. This is particularly important with regard to extracurricular program participants where the physical and mental exertion required by the activity could magnify the detrimental effect of substance abuse.



    In order to participate in any extracurricular activity, a student shall not

    1.Use tobacco (which includes chewing tobacco & smokeless tobacco),

    2.Use, possess, consume, be under the influence of, buy, sell, or give away, or causes to be given or sold any alcohol, marijuana or any controlled substance, or any substance represented as a controlled substance (a look-a-like).


    It is not a violation for a student to use a legally defined drug prescribed for the student's own use by his/her doctor. School policy requires that the prescribed medication be in the possession of the school nurse while in school.


    Reporting of violations:

    Reports of alleged violations coming from the individuals listed in 1-4 below, having personally witnessed the alleged violation, must be investigated. The witness must submit to the Principal a signed report outlining the alleged violations within three (3) business days of the incident in question.

    1. Any district employee of a School Board Member,

    2. Any adult acting as a chaperone or assisting with a school activity at the request of a district employee,

    3. Any law enforcement officer or agency, or

    4. A parent/legal guardian of the student involved.


    Reports of alleged violations for persons other than those mentioned above must be made by the person witnessing the incident. Those reports must be documented and considered by the Principal. If the Principal determines that the alleged violation is valid, the witness must submit a signed report to the Principal within three business days of that determination of validity.

    If the district obtains knowledge of the conviction of a student in a court of law or an offense covered under Rules 1 or 2, the investigation procedure will apply with this conviction constituting a violation of these eligibility rules.



    Upon report of an alleged violation of Rules 1 or 2, the Principal shall immediately provide verbal notice, followed by written notice, to the student and his/her parents/guardian that an investigation of the alleged violation is taking place. The reasons for the investigation and the possibility of suspension or removal from extracurricular activities will be included in the notice. The activity advisor and/or coach and Director of Physical Education, as well as the student's guidance counselor, shall also be informed immediately. The counselor will meet with the student as soon as possible to determine if further intervention is necessary.

    The student and the student's parents/guardian will meet with the Principal and other staff, as appropriate, within two days following the initial notification of the alleged violation. Those attending the meeting will be given the opportunity to question the information upon which the alleged violation is based, and to submit additional information or explanations.

    Once the Principal makes a final determination in the matter, verbal and written notice will be given promptly to both student and parents/guardian.

    Responses to Violations of Rules 1 and 2:

    1.First violation- Upon determination of a first violation of Rules 1 or 2, the student shall be removed from participation in any and all extracurricular activities for a period of 8 school weeks.

    2.Second violation- Upon determination of any subsequent violation of Rules 1 or2 during that school year, the student shall be removed from participation in all extracurricular activities for the remainder of the school year, or 20 school weeks, whichever is longer.


    In the event that the school year ends before the full eight (8) week removal(first violation) or the full twenty (20) week removal (second violation) is completed, the remaining removal weeks carry over to the next school year and the individual removed from participation remains ineligible until the removal period is completed.


    Appeal:The in-district appeal process (1 through 3 below) will be scheduled for completion within ten school days. Until the in-district appeal process is completed, a student's athletic suspension will be in effect.

    1.The student and/or parents/guardian have the right to appeal any determination made by the Principal to an Appeals Committee. An individual choosing to begin the appeal process will contact the Director of Pupil Personnel Services. The Director of Pupil Personnel Services will set up an Appeals Committee and designate a chairperson when requested by student or parent. This committee shall consist of a teacher, an activity advisor or coach, a guidance counselor or school psychologist, and an administrator. All parties are entitled to be present and address the committee. The decision of the Appeals Committee shall be rendered promptly, and notice given to all parties.

    2. The student and/or parents have the further right to appeal any determination made by the Appeals Committee to the Superintendent. During this and subsequent aspects of the appeal process, the student will not be allowed to continue participation in extracurricular activities.

    3. Additionally, the Board of Education has the power to review the decisions of the Superintendent. Any party involved may contact the President of the Board of Education to arrange for such an appeal.

    4. Finally, outside of the school district procedures, an appeal may be made to the Commissioner of Education in Albany and/or the court system. Advice regarding these levels of appeal should be sought form a qualified individual.


    Reduction of Suspension Time:

    Students may request a reduction of first violation suspension time. A student may contact the Principal for more information about this option. A school/community service project, initiated and organized wholly by the suspended student, will be considered by a committee made up of the Principal, the activity advisor/coach, parent and a guidance counselor, school psychologist or school social worker. If the proposed project is approved by the committee, committee members will receive progress reports from the student and will meet to determine the impact of the student's effort and the reduction of suspension time.


Last Modified on September 6, 2019