• Eligibility for Sports: Academic Requirements

    All students who participate in an interscholastic sport will be reviewed for eligibility every five weeks during the school year. Any student who is failing two or more subjects during any five-week reporting period will have his/her individual case reviewed by his/her school counselor.

    If a student fails two or more classes for two consecutive five-week marking periods, he/she will be ineligible for the next five weeks. Counselors will initiate a case review but it will not be for the purpose of determining eligibility status.

    If a student fails two or more classes during the 35th week marking period and the final grade for the course, he/she will be ineligible for the first five weeks of the next school year (beginning on the first day of classes). A student may attend summer school to make up his/her failing grades. In that case, the student will be eligible when the next school year begins as long as the student has one or less failures. It is the responsibility of the student and his/her parents to find a summer school program. 

    If an athlete is deemed academically ineligible, and is interested in returning to his/her sport, the “15-second form” may be used prior to the computerized posting of grades. The student may pick up this form at the high school athletic office or middle school counseling office on the day the five-week academic period closes. The student takes the form to his/her teachers for their signature and then returns it within two school days.

    If the student is failing less than two classes, the student will be given a copy of the signed form indicating eligibility to return to his/her sport that afternoon. Because the information obtained from the teachers on the 15-second form is preliminary, the grades on the computerized reports are the “official record” and will determine eligibility.


Last Modified on August 8, 2017