• Eligibility & Attendance

    A pupil shall be eligible for interscholastic competition only when he/she is a bonafide student enrolled during the first fifteen (15) days of the semester, registered in four courses including physical education, and has been in regular attendance 85% of the school time. A student must follow the eligibility policy as established by the East Aurora Board of Education. A student must be in attendance at school in order to participate at practice or events after school or in the evening. Students who are absent more than 3 classes on a given day are ineligible to participate in a practice/contest that afternoon/evening. In no event should a student arrive past 12:00 noon. Lunch/homeroom does not count as a class. Teams leaving for a contest prior to 5th period will have this requirement pro-rated.

    Exceptions to the above (based on unusual circumstances) can be made by receiving prior permission from the Director of Physical Education or Principal.

Last Modified on February 9, 2016