• Coaching Certification/Employment Information

    Thank you for your interest in assisting the EA athletic program. In order to provide quality coaches for secondary school athletes, NYS has established standards required of all coaches, volunteer and paid.
    EAUFSD Coaching requirements for paid and volunteer coaches:
    If you are not a certified teacher, you will need the following:

    Fingerprinting clearance through N.Y. State Education Department (contact Joette Cappello @ 687-2304). The fee for this must be paid by the individual. No district reimbursement is available.

    Current NYSED approved CPR and FA certifications

    Concussion course

    Child Abuse and Violence Prevention (SAVE) workshops

    DASA course providers

    Completed Temporary Coaches license (done on-line @ www.highered.nysed.gov/tcert/teach) and $50 money order or credit card payment. Click here for instructions.  Renewed annually.

    Completion of coaching courses within the allotted time frames according to the NYSED. 

    Non-teacher coaches are responsible for submitting documentation/certification to BOCES for a coaching license. Please anticipate that BOCES will take 4 weeks to process a license. If you have questions, please contact Nancy Burns at ERIE 2 BOCES at 549-4454 ext. 4049.

    Eligibility For Professional Coaching Certification:
    Coaching licenses are sport specific. A separate license must be obtained for each sport coached. Classes taken and certifications obtained can be shared between coaching licenses.

    If you are a certified teacher, you will need the following:

    Current first aid & CPR certification- approved courses
    If you are not a physical education teacher, in addition to the above you will also need completion of coaching courses within the allotted time frames according to NYSED.

    Coach Reimbursements:
    East Aurora UFSD reimburses paid coaches for successful completion of any required course work (first aid, CPR, DASA, child abuse, Project SAVE, and any of the three coaching courses). Submit receipts to the athletic office when the course is completed for reimbursement.

    East Aurora does not reimburse individuals for fingerprinting fees.

    East Aurora does pay the $50 temporary or professional license fee for paid employees in addition to reimbursement for coursework

    Volunteer coaches are reimbursed a maximum of $50.00 per season for any coursework (1st aid, CPR, child abuse, philosophy, etc.) This is paid at the conclusion of the season and upon submission of receipts.
    If you have any questions, please contact Matt Librock in the athletic office at  687-2514.


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Last Modified on June 13, 2019