• Bus Policy school bus

    Members of interscholastic teams are expected to be part of the team, traveling to and from scheduled events with the team and under the supervision of the coach. The district will provide a bus to all approved events outside the boundaries of the district. In very rare occasions, the Director will approve a team being transported by a 12-15 passenger van driven by the coach. Only team members may ride the bus.  Other spectators and cheerleaders must have prior approval from the Athletic Director to ride the bus.  Coaches will supervise and assume responsibility for these students while traveling with the team. 


    After the event, players may ride home with their parents.  The coach must personally meet the parents at the time of the request.  Students may ride home from an event with another (parent age) adult if written permission is submitted to the coach prior to departure from the school.  Students wishing to be transported by a driver under the age of 21 must receive approval from the Director at least 24 hours prior to the event. Students who do not return on the bus will not have access to the school building until the bus returns. Students are not permitted to drive themselves to/from a contest.


    For any event where buses are provided, buses will pick-up/drop-off students only at the high school or Main Street building.

Last Modified on October 15, 2018