• The Cold War
    The Cold War brought the world closer than ever to destruction, but its aftermath has brought Europe even closer together.

    This is the study guide for chapter 28
    Important Links
    European Union
    This is the webpage of the European Union.

    Cold War International History Project's Cold War Files

    Wikipedia-Cold War

    The Cold War Museum

    Making the History of 1989
    This is a very good site that provides great depth on the Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe.
    A parable of the Cold War.  It is on You Tube, so will have to watch it at home.
    "Back in the U.S.S.R." is a 1968 song by The Beatles (credited to the song writing partnership Lennon/McCartney but mainly written by Paul McCartney[1]) which opens the double-disc album The Beatles, commonly referred to as The White Album.  The song accentuates on the contrast between The United States and the Soviet Union, depicting that "bipolar world"

    Cold War Music