• AP European History Exam Review Page

    To prepare for the Advanced Placement European History Exam, you should start early. Linked here you will find several study guides and other links to prepare you for the exam.

    Giant Review Packet
    This is HUGE packet that covers just about everything possible for the AP Exam

    Massive Review Packet
    This is an EVEN LARGER packet that covers just about everything possible for the AP Exam

    Wikibook-European History
    This is a copy of the wikibook of European history available on line. Published June 2006.

    This is a very simple review of the major artistic movements with definitions and images.

    Important Links

    AP European Review Page
    This is a wonderful site filled with questions, review sheets, and multiple choice practice questions.

    College Board - AP Exam Page
    This site lists the available free response questions from the College Board.

    Dr. B's AP Euro Page
    This site provides good overviews, notes, and links for AP European History.

    History of Art
    This site provides a great overview of the major European artistic movements.

    European History - Wikibooks
    This is a great site that you provides a general overview of European history. You can read by chapters, or download it to read onyour own.

    Sparknotes - AP European History Diagnostic Test
    This is a very good site that allows you to take an AP style test and then provides feedback on your strengths and needs. It does requirea login, but it is very easy.

    Advanced Placement Modern European History

              This site provides concise overview of the major periods.

    PowerPoint Slide Shows
    This site provides nine PowerPoint review slide shows.  A very good quick review of the important topics
    This is a good site where you can test your knowledge of AP questions for free. An excellent review source. 
    This site has questions broken down by century and theme.  There are not a lot of them, but a good short review. 
    It has 110 terms for flash cards