• Phobia Cartoon

    As part of the eighth grade cartooning unit, the students created an original character.  The students then used their character in a "phobia" illustration.

    1   2
                    "The Fear of Bees"                      "The Fear of Peanut Butter Sticking
                                                                                      to the Roof of Your Mouth"

    3   4 
                      "The Fear of Trees"                         "The Fear of Sharks"

    5   6
               "The Fear of Music"                                  
    "The Fear of Flowers"

    7   8
                     "The Fear of Color"                          "The Fear of the Color Purple"

    9   10
               "The Fear of Snakes"                              "The Fear of Flowers"

    11   12
               "The Fear of Mushrooms"                           "The Fear of Color"