• Bully Prevention Program
    Bully Prevention Program

    We are currently in the 13th year of our Bully Prevention program at the Middle School. We will continue to promote pro-social values within the Middle School community by increasing student and staff awareness, recognizing actions that demonstrate empathy, kindness and respect, and teaching positive ways for dealing with harassment or bullying.

    Classroom Instruction: Grades 5-8:

    The Middle School Counselor visits all 5th and 6th grade classes over 2 days in January, during Health classes, to discuss Bully Prevention. Students participate in this lesson by taking a survey about their personal experiences with bullying behaviors, as victims and/or as witnesses. The results of this survey provide the foundation for the follow-up activity (day 2) that allows students to brainstorm and practice new strategies to confront bullying - being assertive, being an advocate and/or being an ally.

    The Middle School Counselor visits all of the 7th and 8th grade classes in the Fall to continue the focus on our Bully Prevention Program. Our 7th grade students build on the lessons they learned as 6th graders, and explore examples of physical bullying, verbal bullying, and social bullying.
    Students also explore a number of bullying scenarios and learn strategies to become more comfortable and proficient at being an ally.....someone who is willing to take a stand against bullying by confronting the bully and or assisting the victim.
    Our 8th grade students explore the "domino effect" of bullying behaviors leading to other acts of violence. We also focus on our collective responsibility to be good citizens in our school and town communities, by working daily to counteract the effects of violence with our acts of kindness and empathy.

    **All of our Middle School students are aware of their collective responsibility to keep our school safe and promote a school culture that emphasizes positive social values and a supportive learning environment. Bullying behavior is unacceptable and should be reported to the Middle School office for immediate follow-up, either via the Bully Reporting Box or to the School Counselor or Psychologist.
Last Modified on July 24, 2015