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    Welcome to the East Aurora Middle School!!

    Grades 5-8




    The goals of the school counseling program are to provide social, emotional and career assistance and direction.

    These services are provided by certified school counselors and school psychologists in each school. At the Middle School, the counselor and the psychologist provide individual and group counseling services, as well as consultation services to parents and Middle School staff.

    The counselor visits classrooms to discuss various topics such as bully prevention, safe schools, violence prevention and healthy decision making. In preparation for high school, the counselor meets with the eighth grade students to review interests and academic skills. At this time, plans are made for future course selections and career decisions.

    The school psychologist is available to students and parents for diagnostic testing, group counseling, and/or crisis counseling for school related concerns. Diagnostic testing may include intelligence testing, achievement testing, and developmental or personality testing.

    Along with the helpful information that you will find on this website, please remember to look for your child's weekly Parent Envelope (Tuesdays) for other important information about middle school events and issues, as well as for the monthly Middle School newsletter.

    If Middle School students or their parents have any questions about academic programs, scheduling, or other concerns, they should contact their school counselor or school psychologist.

    Carrie Cole, School Counselor 




    Cathy Warda-Bender, School Psychologist




    Maggie Finnegan, Social Worker