•  Postcards with  detailed routing information for all Parkdale Elementary and Immaculate Conception School students were mailed on September3, 2020.
    Welcome to the East Aurora Schools Transportation Information Site!

    Buses for the East Aurora School District are provided by:

    First Student Inc.
    819 Davis Road
    East Aurora, NY 14052
    (716) 652-0938
     For questions or concerns, call our Transportation Department at (716) 687-2313.

    Special Requests

    Parents or guardians who wish to request transportation for the upcoming school year for pupils attending non-public (private) schools located outside the East Aurora District must do so, in writing, no later than April 1, 2020. The parent's residence for out-of-district (non-public) transportation may be no more than 15 miles from the school for which transportation is requested. Students whose parent's residence is more than 15 miles from the school they attend may be eligible for transportation from a central pick-up point if the District is currently transporting other students who live 15 miles or less from that school. 
    Parents or guardians who wish to request transportation for the upcoming school year for pupils to and from school in those instances where the child will not be picked up or dropped off at his or her residence (daycare, baby-sitters), must do so, in writing, by  April 1, 2020. The district will accept requests to change the initial pickup and drop off arrangements if due to an emergency situation or unavoidable change in child care arrangements until July 29th, 2020. Requests made on or after August 1st, 2020 will not be implemented until the 3rd week of school (the week of September 18th).
    Once a child has been assigned to a bus route from home or child care to school in the morning and vice-versa at the end of the school day, requests for changes in bus routes will not be approved. In order that the District is accountable for the location and safety of children using the school transportation system, all bus route assignments must be consistent.  And, in accordance with the Board of Education policy, no student may ride a bus other than that which she/he has been assigned.
    In the event of an emergency, building principals have the authority to arrange for variances in pickup points and destinations as long as those changes are within the student's originally assigned bus route.

    Bus Discipline

    Rules of conduct for bus riders have been established by the Superintendent of Schools and are distributed to all students before or during the first week of school each year.

    Students who violate rules of conduct for bus riders may be suspended from bus riding privileges for a maximum of five days for any one offense. Repeated or flagrant violators may be suspended for periods of time longer than five days. Riding the bus is a privilege and may be withdrawn if the student does not comply with the District's rules and regulations.

    Students riding school buses are expected to conform to the rules of conduct in order to permit the bus driver to transport his/her passengers safely.

    Suspension from bus riding privileges up to five days may be given by building principals. Suspension for periods of time greater than five days may be given only by the Superintendent of Schools. Such long-term suspensions will be given only after a conference with the parent/guardian of the student.

    Students suspended from bus riding privileges are required to continue to be in attendance in school.

    The Superintendent of Schools has developed guidelines for school bus drivers for disciplining students and procedures for reporting incidents to the appropriate school officials.

    Parking Permits

    A limited number of parking permits for high school students will be issued by the administration. Preference will be given to senior students with special circumstances.



    First Student Services
    Main website for the School Busing services provided by First Student. First Student transports about 2.3 million students to and from school every day.  Site includes information for parents on Bus Safety 101and Keeping Kids Safe, with coloring pages and information geared towards young children and bus safety.


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