Director of Pupil Services & Special Education
    Cindy Marinaccio
    Cindy Marinaccio
     (716) 687-2312
    East Aurora Schools provide a comprehensive program of support services for all students. The goals of the program are to identify students' needs early, to provide services in the regular classroom whenever possible, and to coordinate support services with regular classroom instruction. Services include, but are not limited to:
    • A substance abuse prevention program which begins in Kindergarten with "Growing Healthy" continues in the intermediate and middle grades with DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) and culminates in both continuing education programming and intervention in the Middle and High Schools.
    • Reading, math and writing instruction supplementing and reinforcing classroom instruction. Instruction involves specialists going into the classroom as well as pulling students out.
    • Speech and language assessment and remediation for students with delayed communications skills.
    • A special education teacher in each school who provides instruction for students with educational disabilities.
    • The flexibility to contract with neighboring Districts to provide services for students with disabilities which cannot be provided within our District.
    • A sequential program of career guidance and personal counseling which begins in grade seven and continues through senior high.
    • Psychological and Social Work Services which include assessment as well as both individual and group counseling.
    • Banana Splits groups for elementary children who live in single parent homes.
    • Conflict Resolution Training and/or Peer Mediation Services for students in each building.
    Lynette McDonough
    (716) 687-2328
Last Modified on April 22, 2021