• Please help the East Aurora Union Free School District share our fiscal concerns by contacting our local legislators via email or phone. 

    Suggested talking points:

    1.  Governor Cuomo's proposal that New York State bureaucrats from the Division of Budget, and the State Education Department review local school district budgets is unworkable.  Local spending plans need to be developed based upon the in-depth knowledge that local Boards of Education bring to the budget development process! Concern for equity is admirable--but these are local decisions!

    2.  The Governor's proposal that NY State place a 2% cap on the growth of expense driven aids beginning in 2018-19 is unacceptable.  It would be unethical for New York State not to honor a major commitment made to fully reimburse local school districts for building aid, transportation costs and tuitions paid with the understanding they would be reimbursed by NY State, and

    3.  The Governor's proposed budget provides only $278 million in unrestricted Foundation Aid.  This remains an unacceptable payment by the state towards the commitment made by New York State when the Foundation Aid Program was enacted.  Governor Cuomo's proposals fall far short of the additional aid that was promised when NY State settled the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit.  

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