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    Planning is well under way for the 25th Annual Post Prom event, and there is no doubt,
    we need your help to ensure that it will be a safe and memorable event for all of the juniors
    and seniors of East Aurora High School. This year, the PTO made the decision along with the
    school to take on the awesome responsibility of creating a safe and fun filled evening for our
    children. As we all know, in today’s world, prom night is often full of unneeded risks. Too often,
    things can get out of control after prom and all it takes is one incident to turn what should be
    celebration into a tragedy.

    This is why we are dedicated to continue the heritage by hosting East Aurora High School’s
    post-prom party which will start after Prom on Friday May 17 at 11:59 pm. The postprom
    board, after polling the student body, has some great new things to offer at the event
    and we are thankful for community sponsors like Arriba Tortilla who have graciously donated a
    taco bar spread, the insight and volunteers from the Boys and Girls Club, and financial
    partners like Phil Kadet, Vanner Insurance Agency and Jerry Thompson at Century 21. We
    simply would not be able to bring this safe-haven event to over three hundred students
    without the outpouring of support from our community.

    The role of parents has been critical to the success of this event and this year is no
    different. To help keep this tradition going, we are looking for generous parents to donate
    financially and/or help volunteer for the evening. In celebration of this milestone anniversary
    we have created new donor levels and have brought back the popular Amazon Wish List to
    supply special prizes for the attendees!

    We thank you in advance for your willingness to help! Simply fill out the form from the link
    below and send it to the address below prior to May 1, as much of our planning is done
    well in advance of this momentous event. We are mindful that without your support this
    event would not exist and we appreciate your donation of time, effort and resources!

    Respectfully yours, The PTO Post Prom Committee


    Post Prom Committee
    ATTN: Cheryl Sergi, Treasurer
    East Aurora High School
    1003 Center Street
    East Aurora, NY 14052 





  • 2018-19 High School PTO Officers:

    Laurie Mahoney
    Julie Gowan Tirone
    Co-Vice Presidents
    Lori Ignotowski
     Shanon Roldan
    Cheryl Sergi
    Amber Perkins
    Contact: Eahspto@gmail.com 
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