Mrs. Schutrum's High School Physical Education Web page!
                                  Hands only compressions CPR will be taught to all EAHS students that take Physical Education! 
    We will be heading back into the new lockerrooms and gymnasium after mid term exams!  Be prepared with appropriate PE clothing and sneakers.
    Some of Mrs. Schutrum's PE classes have a NEW Google classroom.  Here are the codes to get into the new classrooms:
    Period 1 ACE- twwaq8
    Period 5L ACE- lj3t4u
    Period 6 ACE- mrqd9x
    Period 1 BDF- fedxd4
    Period 3 BDF- 8ewwz
    Period 4L BDF- ftoq2r
    Period 7 BDF- 2zkabl
    PLEASE delete the old classroom and join the new one!
    You will need appropriate clothes, sneakers and a combination lock for High School Physical Education!  Dress warmly when the weather gets cold!  We will go out the first ten weeks of school.

    Your PE grade can be earned within the criteria outlined below:

    • 20% of your grade every five weeks will be one written test/evaluation or HW assignment


    • 40% of your grade is a "skill" grade based on your application of skills, strategies/ rules, and your personal and social responsibility.


    • 40% of your grade is a daily participation grade based on a rubric scale of  0-4 points possible.  A zero will be given to students unprepared. Students that are prompt, prepared, actively participating, following the rules and being safe will receive a 4!
    If you miss class for any reason please do the "make-up" work to earn your five points!  See Mrs. Schutrum for details.

    My office is near the social studies department, B199.

    I am the Adventure Club advisor.
    Adventure Club meets on the first and third Friday of every month.
    Are you interested in joining?  Come and see me!  We will be selling chocolate bars to help in funding the ski trip! 


    I can be reached through the HS at 687-2500, x7005 or

    687-2491, Voicemail 1177# ( you must use the number sign)

      Medical/Parent medical or In school suspension absence:

    Students absent from participating in PE class due to an absence, a class trip, a field trip, a medical excuse, a parent medical or are scheduled in the In School Suspension have the opportunity to earn the possible five points of "participation" by completing a written assignment. The assignment should be based on the current unit of study. It must be one half of a page in length and it must be a summary of a current article, internet article, or from a reference book. You MUST cite the article! The correct heading on all work should include both your first and last name, and your class period and letter days.   Complete this assignment as soon as you can! During the five week unit.

    Possible Units
    Fr./Soph.Archery HW