Welcome! For the upcoming school year, I will be teaching Global Explorations in Literature I, AP English Literature and Composition, and AP Research. There will be no summer work for these classes this year. If you're looking ahead to buy school supplies, keep in mind that much of our written work will be completed on your school issued Chromebook and turned in through the Google classroom. As we will also complete a number of assignments in a more traditional format, you will want to have available in class each day lined paper (not a composition book; select standard size paper that may be easily removed from a notebook and turned in; college or wide rule), pens, pencils, and a highlighter.
    email: jzevenbergen@eak12.org
    phone: 687.2300, ext. 7205

    AP Literature and Composition: For students interested in completing additional reading for the class, please refer to: AP Literature Suggested Reading List

    Please find the Course Overview and Policies, as well as handouts and other resources for the class, at the Google classroom.