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    East Aurora Foreign Language Department Spanish program
    Mr. Mackey Office B117
    voice mail 687-2491 ext. 1166

    Supplies: A three ring binder, folder with pockets, one subject notebook, pen.  

    Homework: If an assignment is covered in class, it can no longer be handed in.  If an assignment is collected, it can be handed in until I return it (usually the next day).  Otherwise, late work will only be accepted after a student has missed class due to a legal absence.   If the student was in school on that day but was absent from class due to a field trip or music lesson, the work is expected to be handed in on time.  It is the student's responsibility to keep up with their work and to know what needs to be done. 

    Making up work after an absence:  All work must be completed three days after an absence. 

    Attendance:  Attendance is key to learning a foreign language since most of what we learn is from listening and speaking the language. 

    Classroom expectations:  You are required to think and listen.  Be considerate of others.  Do your very best.  Be prepared - bring your textbook and workbook to class every single day.  Be on time.  No food is allowed in class - water bottles are allowed.  Raise your hand if you want to speak.  Cover your textbook and treat it with care as it is very costly and you are responsible for it. 

    Spanish 1:  The goal in these two level one courses is to begin to expose students to the language and cultures of the French and Spanish speaking world in order to make them knowledgeable and active participants in a global society.  In level one students will begin to learn to use the target language for meaningful communication in both spoken and written forms.  The textbooks Bien Dit &  En Espagnol are used.  These books  expose students to French & Spanish as it is used in various real life situations which all adolescents encounter.  The four skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking are stressed. 

    Grading Policy:  There will be quizzes given periodically during every single lesson. Grammar, listening and reading tests will be administered after the completion of a unit of study.  Homework will be assigned regularly and  there will be several listening activities done in class that will be counted into the student average.  In addition, a  participation grade will be given each quarter. Students are encouraged to participate actively during class.   
    Homework = 25%
    Classwork = 25%
    Quizzes = 25%
    Tests= 25%