• Members of the Board of Education
    Email:  boe@eak12.org
    Jessica B. Armbrust, President
    (716) 714-5786
    Term Ends: 2023
    Terri Ohlweiler, Vice President
    (716) 655-4959
    Term Ends: 2022
    Paul Blowers
    (716) 225-7925
    Term Ends: June 30, 2023
    Daniel Brunson
    (716) 652-5836
    Term Ends: 2023
    Joe Cassidy
    (716) 431-5123
    Term Ends: 2024
    Kimberlee Danieu
    (716) 652-0540
    Term Ends: 2024
    Judy Malys
    (716) 597-8577
    Term Ends: 2022



    School District Clerk
    Jacquelyn E. Wopperer
    (716) 687-2315

    The East Aurora Union Free School District is governed by a seven-member Board of Education elected by qualified voters of the District.

    The Board has total responsibility for the educational program of the District, its financing and control, and establishes policies for operations. Members are public officials who serve without pay for three-year terms. As our elected representatives and as officers of New York State, the Board must carry out duties imposed by the state's Legislature, Board of Regents, and Commissioner of Education.

    The School Board has no legal or formal connection with any other local government body. Its functions are carried out through district officers, administrators, and personnel.

    All regular Board of Education meetings are generally scheduled for Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM. Occasionally, the public session of the meeting will begin earlier than 7:00 PM, particularly if a presentation by students is planned. Changes in meeting times will be announced in advance by checking this website's calendar.

    Public Comment

    At its discretion in its agenda planning, The Board may  designate a specific portion of its meeting agenda for public comment. The public is not permitted to discuss topics unrelated to the District, matters unrelated to the agenda, and/or matters involving specific individuals by name.
    The Board encourages courteous and respectful public comments. All speakers must conduct themselves in a civil manner. Obscene language, harassing language, defamatory statements, and threats of violence are prohibited. All participants are required to comply with the District  Code of Conduct.
    Individuals who wish to speak during the Visitor Comments portion of a Board of Education meeting must sign in upon entering, wait until recognized by the Board President, and follow any procedures established by the Board.  The Board may establish time and speaker limits.  
    The Community Comments period is not intended to be a discussion with the Board or a question and answer session. The Board of Education will listen to the remarks and may or may not respond directly to the speaker. The Board of Education will determine if a response from the Board is warranted, or if the matter should be directed to an appropriate administrator.
    Speakers who have prepared written comments are encouraged to submit such written comments to the Board at boe@eak12.org at least 24 hours prior to the Board meeting so Board members can review the comments in advance of the meeting.
    In addition to or in lieu of verbal comments, written comments and supportive documentation may be directed to the Board.   These comments will be distributed to all Board members by the Board Clerk, however, the Board is not required to read these comments aloud.  
    If individuals engage in disruptive or unruly behavior or violate any of the above requirements and expectations during the meeting, the Board President will remind the audience of this policy and the requirement to conduct themselves in a civil manner and comply with the District Code of Conduct.
    The Board President may call for the removal of disruptive or unruly individuals from the meeting. When appropriate, law enforcement may be called to remove disruptive and/or unruly individuals. In some instances, individuals engaging in disruptive or unruly behavior may be subject to criminal sanctions.  Further, the Board has the discretion to either adjourn or recess the meeting until a time and place when order can be restored/ensured.