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    "Stay active and eat healthy this summer"

    P.E. Policy

    T-shirt, sweatshirt
    , shorts, jogging pants, sneakers, socks, bathing suit, towel
    comb, brush, plastic bag

    All students are provided with lockers.  Locks are required for Middle School students.  Master combination locks work best.  A list of all combinations will be kept on file in case of a combination is forgotten.

    Jewelry is NOT allowed during physical education classes for safety purposes.  Jewelry, purses, money and items of value must be kept in their lockers upstairs. 
    *We are not responsible for missing or stolen items.

    All medical notes should be given directly to our school nurse.  A one day excuse can be obtained with a note from a parent or guardian.
    *Medically excused days will not effect your grade unless the alternative assignment is not done in a timely, correct and complete fashion.

    Personal Effort-40%

    Swim Schedule:
    To be announced........

    Intramurals are offered daily to all Middle School girls and boys - grades 5-8.  A schedule of different sports/activities offered will be sent home.  Please encourage your child to become active and eat healthy.
    *flag football
    *free swim/swim make-ups
    *floor hockey
    *team hand ball
    *mat ball
    *kick ball
    *dodge ball
    *options may vary depending on weather and facilities
    There is NO LATE BUS on Mondays.

    Ms. Meharian
    EA Middle School Physical Education
    Phone:  687-2300
    , extension 6011