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    Class Schedule for 2020-2021
                                      Quarter 1 - Grade 8                                  
    Quarter 2 - Grade 8
    Quarter 3 - Grade 6
    Quarter 4 - Grade7



    Technology Education Today


    Technology is the modification of our natural environment in order to satisfy human needs and wants. Technology is an important force in our economy as well as in our daily activities. Technology Education is the means by which all educational disciplines are brought together; Mathematics, Science, History and English Language Arts. Technology combines this knowledge to solve problems using project-based learning. This approach to instruction presents a project or relevant activity with specific design constraints that enables students to synthesize knowledge and to individually resolve problems in relevant to curriculum context.

    It is our students of today who will assess and determine technological issues for our future. So it is our responsibility to ensure that each child has the ability to become technologically literate. Technological literacy gives them the ability to understand past, present and future technologies and then manage the best decisions using technological solutions.


    In the East Aurora Middle School, key learning, knowledge, and essential skills focus on:


    • Working as a Contributing Team Member
    • Public Speaking & Effective Communication
    • Listening to Others' Ideas & Needs (Design Constraints)
    • The Importance of "Having a Plan"  
    • Technological Literacy  
    • Time Management
    • Problem Solving
    • Creative Thinking
    • NYS CTE & MST Standards



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