• The staff of the East Aurora Middle School is committed to excellence in education. We feel that it is vital to show enthusiasm for learning and hope that children want to attend our school. We believe that attendance at school each day is very important and we communicate that attitude to our students. We know that once children want to attend school, chances are very good that they will find that learning is enjoyable and that school is a great place to be.

    There is a strong emphasis on mastery of subject matter at the East Aurora Middle School. Beyond that, our school is a place where many of our students work through the problems of growing from childhood to adulthood. Students learn how to relate to and to communicate with other children, to work with adults, to form friendships and to resolve conflicts. They learn to work as members of groups and teams. Perhaps one of the most important experiences students have in our school is sharing common academic learning with others of varying backgrounds.

    Our school is not just a link between the elementary school and the high school. It has a purpose all its own. The Middle School provides an environment that:

    • acts as a stabilizing force in the lives of early adolescents,
    • equips students with the necessary academic and social knowledge skills and attitudes to succeed in the middle-level grades, high school and beyond,
    • serves as a special place for students - a refuge and a support during a time of dramatic change,
    • establishes in students a connection with school and with its purpose,
    • instills in students a sense of positive self-worth, self-respect and self-confidence and a belief that each can succeed,
    • provides opportunities for self-exploration, self-definitions and self-development in the cognitive, affective and physical domains, and
    • provides opportunities and experiences for students to develop and practice responsible personal behavior, individual accountability and initiative and a respect for others.
    As educators we know we can help students feel good about the successes they are having no matter how small they may be. We want the East Aurora Middle School to be recognized as a school without failure...a school that provides for the academic, emotional and social growth of its students. If we continue trying at school, and you keep trying at home, we can realize our objectives.


    Mr. Matthew Brown