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    Brian Russ
    Acting Superintendent
    I am very pleased and honored to have the opportunity to serve as Acting Superintendent for the remainder of the school year. The past seven years have been very rewarding and I am looking forward to an exciting future ahead. During my tenure I have watched the District grow in many positive ways. We have focused on creating a dynamic environment that nurtures the entire child. Our core academic programs are rigorous and engaging and focused on creating life-long learners who are prepared to succeed in higher learning and the world of work.
    We also offer a wide range of co-curricular programs that enhance our students learning experiences and help to create well-rounded individuals. Additionally, our sports and club activities are top notch, offering opportunities for all students to participate beyond the classroom. Our associations with community organizations such as the Town Recreation Department and the Boys and Girls Club have only strengthened our ability to provide numerous positive programs for the children of our community.

    This success was not achieved in isolation. It took the combined effort of our teachers, support staff, administrators, Board of Education, parents and community members to make it happen. As we face difficult times ahead, I am confident that we will continue to work together to take on these challenges so that we are able to maintain our commitment to excellence in all that we do. Together we can make it happen.

    Again, it is a privilege to serve as Acting Superintendent of such a fine institution. I thank you for your support and look forward to a bright and exciting future for our students.