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    Mrs. Crowley-Browne's Homework Policy:

    Homework will usually be given Monday-Thursday nights.  Most homework will be in worksheet form and will be placed in the Take-Home Folder daily. Please encourage your child to return his/her homework to the Take-Home Folder each night after it is completed, so that it can be easily located when it is returned to school the following day.

     Homework is expected to be completed daily and turned in the following morning.  Homework that is not turned in, will be marked late, but must still be completed.  

    This year there will be 2 main components of homework, Math and Language Arts.  The math sheet is generated from our Common Core Math Modules, and will usually a blue page.  Our Language Arts homework will usually be an orange sheet that is from our Skills Strand.  Both of these sheets will begin very simply, and progress as the year progresses.  Establishing homework routines early will help greatly when the work becomes a bit more challenging.  Completing homework, helps to develop life long skills. Please help you child by asking what homework he/she has, establishing a homework "routine", and showing students how to put homework back in their folders to be returned to school.  We will work on emptying folders, and following routines in the classroom.  The weekends should be used for reading, practicing sight words, free writing and fun!  As the year progresses, and students begin to read, students will also take home Book Bags, which includes reading a story multiple times as well as completing an activity to go along with the story.


    Some general info regarding homework :
    What is homework?  Homework is study outside the classroom that engages students in valuable independent activities to practice, reinforce, extend and apply knowledge.


    What are the positive effects of homework?         

    • Increased achievement
    • Increases individual student responsibility
    • Provides communication between home and school
    • Promotes life long learning
    Student responsibilities:
    • Make sure they understand the assignment before they leave for the day.
    • Take home all necessary materials, and return them when due.
    • Set a daily routine for homework.
    Parent Responsibilities:
    • Help your child establish a consistent routine for completing homework everyday.
    • Encourage and guide your child, but do not complete the assignment for them.
    • Communicate with me if there is a homework concern.
    • Establish a good study area with materials, and minimal distractions-help your child to establish life-long study skills. 
    Teacher Responsibilities:
    • Communicate homework clearly to the students
    • Review and return homework promptly.
    • Modify homework assignments if necessary based on student skill level.