•   Our Special Schedule 2017-2018

    Here is a list of our Special Classes. Please refer to this often to help remind students to bring in necessary materials (library books, gym shoes etc.).

    Everyday:   Intervention Block ( Working with Helper Teachers) 10:25-11:05
                        Lunch 1:05-1:40            Recreation  2:45-3:10

    A Day- Music 11:20-12:05
                 Teacher:   Mr. Blackwell     Contact:   PBlackwell@eak12.org

    B Day- Physical Education   1:40-2:20        Contact:   MMclaughlin@eak12.org 
                       Teacher:  Mollie Mclaughlin
     C Day- Music  11:20-12:05
     D Day-  Physical Education   1:40-2:20   
    E Day-  Art  11:20-12:05     Contact: MWhite@eak12.org   
                  Teacher: Michelle White

    F Day
     Library      11:20-12:05   Contact:  JLaben@eak12.org
                  Teacher: Ms. Laban     
                         Physical Education  1:40-2:20