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                                                              Snack Information
    In our Kindergarten class, each student will be responsible for bringing in our community snack approximately once per month.  I ask that the snack be healthy and simple.  Fruit, vegetables, crackers, healthy cereal, pretzels etc. would be great!  If you would like to send in a non-perishable snack at the beginning of the month, I will store it in the cupboard until your child's designated snack day. I ask that you send in enough snack for all members of the class (right now we have 21 students).  A copy of our Snack & Share Calendar which includes 2 months worth of snack dates is in your blue Take Home Folder.  If your child is a very fussy eater, I ask that you let us try the different snacks.  Many times, students will taste items, if they see their peers eating, and it is a great way to try new foods.  If I notice your child having difficulty with the community snack, I will get in touch with you. :)
    Birthdays-  We celebrate each child's birthday in the classroom.  Celebrations are fun, but simple and involve a special snack of your choice.  Until we are a bit better at eating cupcakes, I ask that you do not send them in for birthdays.  Simple treats such as cookies, brownies or popsicles are best.  If you are interested in donating a special storybook to the classroom in honor of your child's birthday, we will read that story together and put a special bookplate in the book as we add it to the classroom library.  Please do not feel you must do this, but it is a nice, educational way to celebrate birthdays.
    If you have any questions about snack, please contact me :)