• June 2022 Administrative Update

    William Roberts, HS Principal 

    by: William Roberts
    High School Principal

    Spring has Sprung at EAHS! 

    Our students and teachers have taken advantage of some old and many new opportunities to engage in learning and community engagement.  Some of the highlights include our Environmental Science students visit to Parkdale Elementary to emphasize the importance of trees in our community and providing the younger students with saplings to take home. Our senior class broke into nine groups and completed community service activities at several different locations, including Knox Farm, the Aurora Community Pool and the Providence Farm Collective.  The EAHS Rocket Club team secured a spot in the top twenty-five finalists during the American Rocketry Challenge national finals. And most recently, our juniors and seniors celebrated a successful school year at their Prom held at The Annex WNY on May 20th, followed by a Post Prom Celebration at the high school.            

    As we begin to plan for the 2022-23 school year, our team is putting the finishing touches on a new educational opportunity for our students.  Blue Devil Design is a unique student-managed company that will combine business and technology skills for EAHS juniors and seniors. This is more than a course, it is an experience. The program was inspired by Cardinal Manufacturing, a Wisconsin school district venture that began in 2008.  Locally, a similar enterprise, Bulldog Manufacturing, was introduced by Alden High School and has been operating since 2019. Alden High School allowed EAHS students, teachers, and administrators to visit their program numerous times this past year and was instrumental in the creation of Blue Devil Design. Beginning in the fall of 2022, company roles within Blue Devil Design will be filled by students in specialized departments such as business administration, sales, marketing, technology, design, and manufacturing. This will be an authentic career-building experience offering ownership, leadership and exposure to a collaborative work environment. Networking, employment skills and business relationships will be built-in advantages to this program and will put students a step ahead.  Students will also be working closely with local businesses to create products based on industry needs.  Goals for the program include students creating technology designed consumer products, providing service in the form of engine maintenance, and offering students experiences that create pride and ownership. EAHS would like to thank the East Aurora Educational Foundation and AW Miller, a local industry partner, who donated equipment such as CNC machines, laser engravers, and 3-D printers that will be essential to the success of this program. Fifteen EAHS students have elected to enroll in this unique opportunity for the 2022-23 school year.

    East Aurora High School would like to thank the greater community for your continued support during the 2021-22 school year.  We are proud of what our students have accomplished during these unprecedented times and especially look forward to celebrating our seniors as the school year draws to a close.